Cooperating Ministry of Logan County is a non profit organization founded in 1981 by the Sterling Ministerial Alliance to be a centralized resource for the community. Utilizing Our Vision: “To provide coordinated emergency resources and assistance to people who are in need.”

Who/Why We Serve?

     Cooperating Ministry is committed to serving thousands of Logan County residents and we are passionate about what we do. The goal of CMLC is quite simple; “serve those in need and give a hand up not a hand out.”

     The bulk of patrons that walk through the doors at CMLC are between the ages of 19 and 64 and make up over 65% of the clients we serve. Approximately 16% of the patrons we serve are over the age of 65. Of these households, 84% live within the city of Sterling; the remaining 16% live in the other ten surrounding towns of Logan County. Nearly 1,600 households in the City of Sterling will utilize the food pantry and over 55% of these households will have children in them. CMLC will continue to advocate for families struggling through a crisis, job loss; those that are disadvantaged, marginalized, homeless, elderly, mentally ill, indigent, etc…

     Through the provision of assistance to combat homelessness and food insecurities; individuals are able to have their basic needs met, lifting feelings of hopelessness and creating a more stable environment to further themselves. Cooperating Ministry is continually focused on increasing collaborations and partnerships that provide relevant services with accountability to Logan County residents. All of our programs will require ongoing support from our community, our leaders, our faith organizations and our media; working together to improve our neighborhoods and assist in making a “healthier” tomorrow.